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Do you have a toddler that is incredibly picky and just won't eat?  Does your baby cluster feed and cries or is fussy when breastfeeding?  Do you think your child has a problem with eating or feeding, because they just don't seem to eat like other kids do?  


Do you feel like no matter what everyone tells you to try, and no matter what you do, nothing is working?


Taste Buds is here to help.

The Taste Buds philosophy:


  • Tailor-made to your child

  • Achievable goals with a step by step plan

  • Suited to you and your family

  • Trusted & confidential

  • Expert, scientific, research-based advice


At Taste Buds, we know that every child and every family is different and unique.  Our aim is to listen, understand and help you through this stressful time.  Mealtimes and feeds happen every day, several times a day, and when you have a difficult, picky or fussy eater it can feel relentless.  We want to help you and your family to enjoy mealtimes and eating again, and reduce the stress.


At Taste Buds we provide specialist assessment and therapy for babies, toddlers and children who have problems with eating, feeding and drinking.  Taste Buds can help with diagnosing and treating a range of difficulties, such as;

  • Fussy or picky eating

  • Breastfeeding problems

  • Food refusal / food phobia

  • Oral motor problems

  • Swallowing difficulty (known medically as dysphagia)

  • Eating or swallowing problems as a result of medical conditions (e.g. laryngomalacia, reflux, tube feeding)

  • Oral aversion

  • Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)


Taste Buds is run by Holly Tickner, a highly qualified and experienced Senior Speech Pathologist with over a decade of experience in the area of feeding and eating problems.  You can read more about Holly and her qualifications here.


Taste Buds is based in Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia - here are our contact details


Please take a look around on our website to read more about our services, different types of eating / feeding problems, or to get in touch.