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I am very excited to announce a workshop that I will be running in February 2020 for Speech Pathologists interested in paediatric feeding.  I love presenting and teaching, and I also love spending time with clinicians who have an interest and passion for the area of fe...

January 27, 2019

This is by far my most popular and famous recipe! I think I need to rebrand them to Ninja Brownies after a mum made them and decided the recipe had ninja powers with it's stealth hidden vegetables and fiber! And they are impressive, with almost three quarters of a kilo...

Looking for some fruit and veggie based Christmas recipes for your kids? Here are some of my favourite sweet recipes!

Looking for some fruit and veggie based Christmas recipes for your kids? Here are some of my favourite savoury recipes!

Welcome to my special Christmas-themed series all about Picky Eaters and the dreaded VEGETABLE. I am a Paediatric Feeding Therapist. As part of my job, I assess and treat children who have extremely restricted diets due to very fussy eating. The cause of the fussi...

This is a really fun way for kids to learn lots about broccoli! Broccoli can have quite a strong smell and taste, and a squishy texture when cooked traditionally (usually steamed or boiled). This recipe is a lovely mild way of eating broccoli, helped by the cheese an...

Looking for some ideas for Christmas presents?  Here are my top recommendations for the new mum (or mum-to-be), your budding Junior Masterchef, and even your fussy eater!

This recipe came about because I wasn’t 100% happy with the standard zucchini brownie recipe that I’d been making. It was too cakey & not fudgey enough, and certainly not chocolatey enough for me! So this recipe is one that I’ve been tweaking and the result is VEGGIE...

What is it about dinner time that toddlers find so hard? Why do picky eaters seem to be at their MOST picky and fussy at dinner? Read more the see the top four reasons I think contribute to dinner time battles for picky and fussy eaters.

The WOW cup is much loved by many mums out there. It’s relatively new on the market and promises a unique cup design that isn’t quite like anything else there. It’s very similar in appearance to the Philips Avent Grown Up Cup except that there is one main difference...

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November 12, 2017

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Veggie Packed (Ninja) Brownies; Thermomix Version

January 27, 2019

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