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I am very excited to announce a workshop that I will be running in February 2020 for Speech Pathologists interested in paediatric feeding.  I love presenting and teaching, and I also love spending time with clinicians who have an interest and passion for the area of fe...

What is it about dinner time that toddlers find so hard? Why do picky eaters seem to be at their MOST picky and fussy at dinner? Read more the see the top four reasons I think contribute to dinner time battles for picky and fussy eaters.

The WOW cup is much loved by many mums out there. It’s relatively new on the market and promises a unique cup design that isn’t quite like anything else there. It’s very similar in appearance to the Philips Avent Grown Up Cup except that there is one main difference...

There are SO MANY different feeding products out there, and they seem to be constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve found a winner, it gets discontinued and then replaced with some new “must have” product that claims to be even better than the last. What anno...

Ok, I have something this week to make up for the last Monday Bites review of those awful “sweet potato crisps” that were anything but edible. This week, I have steered clear of the baby aisle and have found something else for you to try. I stumbled across the Peckish...

Children need a fair amount of iron in their diet, but this can be really hard to achieve if you have a picky or fussy eater.  It’s often one of the things that parents worry is missing from their picky eater’s diet.

This week I’m heading back to the baby aisle and reviewing the Um Sweet Potato Veggie Crisps. They sound delicious, but I’ve had a dodgy run-in with Um before (remember the Crispy Chewy Banana Fish? Those little fish still haunt my dreams) so I was holding my breath.....

Every Monday I review a food that could be a potential finger food for your baby or toddler, particularly if you are doing Baby Led Weaning with your child. There are lots of targeted products out there for little ones, and it can be easy to just buy those (expensive)...

Anyone who has ever had a fruit bowl and a toddler in the same room at the same time will be familiar with this sight..

Over the last month or so, I have been reviewing foods that are great for babies and toddlers to eat, but are NOT found in the babyfood aisle of the supermarket. It’s easy to get sucked into the slick marketing of all the pretty packaging with the ages written on them...

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November 12, 2017

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Veggie Packed (Ninja) Brownies; Thermomix Version

January 27, 2019

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