Picky fussy toddler baby eater feeding problem, picky toddler won't eat

Information current as of July 2019.  Rates subject to change so please do not hesitate to get in touch to confirm prices.

Babies, toddlers and children can have eating or feeding problems for many different reasons.  It can be really tough to find the right help and advice when you are a parent of a difficult feeder, particularly when you are tired, worried, and everyone wants to give you different opinions on what to do.  Taste Buds is here to help you pinpoint what the cause of your child’s feeding and eating problems might be, and to support you to help your child become a happy, healthy eater.

For current rates for the following services, please get in touch via our Contact Page. 

  • Parent-Clinician Consultation                                       

    • 30min appointment​

    • Phone or face-to-face (child not present)

  • Initial assessment                        

    • 60 minute appointment (but please allow up to 90min)

    • Take-home plan on the day

    • Handouts​​

  • Home Program                                                                     

    • Individualised therapy home program

  • Therapy Session                                                                  

    • 45min appointment

    • Homework & strategies to implement home practice

    • Handouts​

  • Review                                                                        

    • 45min appointment

    • Take-home plan on the day

    • Handouts 


The following services are also available: 


  • Parent Workshops                                                          $20 - $30 pp

    • Range from 1 - 1.5 hours​

    • Includes handouts & consumables

    • For locations in the Perth Metro area only

    • Minimum group size of six people 

    • Read about available workshops here

    • Get in touch about a booking or prices here

Check with your health insurance provider as you may be eligible for a rebate on some items.


If you’d like to find out more, to enquire about possible rebates your child may be eligible for, or to book an appointment, please get in touch via our contact page.