Monday Bites - Little Bellies Softcorn

Hello there! How is your Monday going? Don't know about you but I'm already hanging out for the Easter long weekend! It's time for Monday Bites, and this is the first one to be published on the Taste Buds blog!

Today it's yet ANOTHER melt-in-the-mouth finger food for little ones. These food companies have really caught on to the Baby Led Weaning trend - only a few years ago there were about three options you could buy for this type of finger food (one of them being the classic Cruskit). Today it is Little Bellies Softcorn (berry & apple flavour) under the microscope How does it stack up to the rest?

Baby toddler finger food for baby led weaning Little Bellies Softcorn corn food snack

Recommended age: 12+mo

Age you could probably give them: 9-10mo+

Shape: vaguely popcorn shaped (not the small corn kernel shapes that are on the packet, go figure)

Size: like a super sized piece of popcorn

Texture: rapid melt-in-the-mouth

An interesting name, Softcorn. Popcorn is one of the most widely known choking hazards for babies, so it's a brave move to market a baby finger-food as anything related to it This finger-food is another example of food companies playing it safe when it comes to age recommendations. And I get it (especially after the national recall of the Organix hoop biscuits last week because they were a choking risk... ) but it means that lots of parents might not buy many of these snacks for their babies, because they think they'll be unsafe. It's complicated! Because actually, these little Softcorn puffs make a great 'learning to chew' food for babies who are starting to eat small pieces of finger food (usually from about 9-10mo of age).

I like these ones in particular because they are a rapid melt-in-the-mouth and they disappear into practically nothing . So even if your baby pops the whole thing into their mouth (which they probably will!), their saliva will dissolve it very quickly, making it an unlikely choking risk. They are big enough & weirdly shaped so you could encourage your baby to do some biting, even if they have no teeth yet.

The flavour is pleasant & they aren't as greasy as some of the other puffs on the market. You get quite a few in a little packet, which is nice because they aren't the cheapest thing (I paid $2 for one little packet at Coles).

I actually wouldn't recommend these for typically developing kids who are 12+mo because they teach the mouth nothing by that age, and they offer nil nutritional value (from what I can gather - @mealtimebuildingblocks, thoughts?). But for mouths that are learning to chew, I give the big thumbs up.


And remember to always supervise your baby when they are eating, no matter how easy you think the food might be to eat.

For previous reviews, make sure you check out the Taste Buds Instagram account - just click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

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