Monday Bites - Happy Baby Superfood Puffs

I feel like a bit of a goose after spending the whole day thinking it was Tuesday and it's actually Monday! So you are the lucky ones because you get TWO blog posts from me today! Whoops...

Today's Monday Bites review is a bit of a different one. It's a product that is widely available in the USA, and used to be on the shelves in Australia, and for whatever reason they aren't anymore. They are Happy Baby Superfood Puffs. I purchased them online with a bunch of other stuff that I happened to be buying, because I had fond memories of using them in therapy years ago and wanted to see if they were still as good as I remembered!

Recommended age: 'crawling baby' (this is neat - they even have a checklist on the packet with developmental milestones that would indicate if your baby is ready to try these puffs yet)

Age you could probably give these: from about 7mo+

Size: large (flat) pea size

Shape: small discs

Texture: melt-in-the-mouth

These are an interesting product. On the surface, these little circular puffs are not much different from what is available in Australia BUT there is a point (or two) of difference. They are probably one of the smallest baby finger foods I've seen on the market, and each flavour is packed with various vitamins and minerals.

From an oral motor perspective, the smaller size means that they are ideal for getting cheek placement for encouraging chewing. And they are quite a rapid melt in the mouth texture, so despite their small 'choking hazard' size, they are relatively safe for an early finger food. And they encourage little fingers to grab and grasp at them, as they are so small and light.

The company (Nurture Inc) distinguish themselves as "not being affiliated with Nestle", not using corn syrup, and being organic. And the package itself calls them 'Superfood' puffs. So there is some clever marketing going on here, and the added vitamins and minerals makes you think that your baby must need these to meet all their nutritional needs... but if your baby can chew and swallow some steamed carrot, surely that's a better way to get Choline, for example, than relying on your baby eating half a cup of these processed puffs. They seem a little high in sugar (almost 15%) and I'd love to see what a Dietitian thinks of these.

Clever marketing aside, these are actually one of the nicer textured & flavoured melt-in-the-mouth finger foods that I've come across, and I like the fact that they are a bit smaller than what you can get here. And the container they come in is great - you get loads in one container, and it seals well so they last a long time. They are also a great 'busy food' so chuck some in a paper bag and keep your baby busy while you steam them some actual carrots and sweet potato ;)

Rating: 4.5 stars

And remember to always supervise your baby when they are eating, no matter how easy you think the food is to eat.

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