Monday Bites - Sunrice Mini Bites

I bought these as a treat for my toddler and he left a half eaten packet on the couch. Which was discovered by my 11 month old. Who scoffed them (much to the despair of the toddler). So I thought I’d better give them the once-over and see if they are suitable as a baby finger food – so here we are! Today’s Monday Bites review is the accidental discovery of Sunrice Mini Bites (original flavour).

Recommended age: not provided

Age you could probably give these: 10+ months

Shape: round disc

Size: kind of Tazo sized (remember Tazos???)

Texture: slow melt-in-the-mouth

I was pleasantly surprised by these little rice cakes. They are very thin, and surprisingly crispy which means that they melt in the mouth much more readily than some of the other rice cake products on the market. They are much easier for a little mouth to eat compare to a standard adult rice cake (which needs a fair amount of chewing and tongue control), and actually much easier to eat than the baby-specific Heinz sweet rice cakes that I reviewed a few weeks back (see the Taste Buds Instagram feed for more on those here), probably because they aren’t sweetened and all sticky.

But on that note... they are pretty salty. A nutritional review of these cracker/cakes done by Mealtime Building Blocks (you can read it here) revealed that they exceed the healthy guidelines for salt in children’s food. It was a different flavour but I’m guessing that the original flavour would be pretty high in salt too.

What I like about these as a finger food is that they are a good option for spreads and dips for when your baby is sick of Cruskits and toast. A lot of melt in the mouth finger foods go really soggy as soon as you spread something on them, but these crackers seem to hold up a bit better and retain their crispiness. Also, the size of them is perfect for little hands, and encourages good oral motor skills for biting and some gentle chewing. Even if your child doesn’t have any teeth yet, they are soft enough to be able to bite off small pieces and chew them up with just the gums.

So as long as you don’t give these all the time (or let your baby accidentally eat half a packet in one sitting...!) then give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised, hope you will be too!

Rating: 3 stars (mainly losing points because of the saltiness)

(and remember, always supervise your baby when they are eating, no matter how easy you think the food might be to eat)

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