Iron-Rich Peanut Butter Bites

Children need a fair amount of iron in their diet, but this can be really hard to achieve if you have a picky or fussy eater. It’s often one of the things that parents worry is missing from their picky eater’s diet.

This recipe is one that I use in my therapy sessions with kids who are very fussy. It’s one that I like to make with kids because:

  • It’s really easy and fun for them to help make

  • It gives a great sensory experience (a sensory challenge for some!), because you get to bang with a hammer, touch gooey ingredients, and roll out the sticky mixture with your hands

  • The ingredients are generally familiar foods for fussy kids, it’s just that they happen to be all mixed together (great exposure for kids who aren’t into mixed textures)

  • They are tasty

  • AND (here’s the BEST BIT) they provide a great hit of IRON!

You might be surprised about the iron bit. There is iron from a few sources; the peanut butter, the iron-fortified cereal, the apricots AND the sunflower seeds! And the bonus of the apricots is that there is some Vitamin C in them, so that will help with absorption of the iron.

Almost sounds too good to be true! But here it is, my recipe for iron-rich PB Bites. And I take no responsibility if you end up eating them all yourself :D

picky fussy eater iron rich food recipe peanut butter chocolate cheerios

PB Bites


1 cup Cheerios

½ cup chopped dried apricots

¼ cup Peanut Butter

1/8 – 1/4 cup honey

¼ - ½ cup sunflower seeds

Chocolate Sprinkles (I like the dark Dutch Hagelslag ones, from the international section of the supermarket, they also happen to be dairy free)

You’ll also need;

- a tea-towel

- a snaplock bag

- a mallet or rolling pin

And some wet flannels nearby for kids (and grown-ups!) who might find they need to wipe their sticky hands as they go.

picky fussy eater iron rich food recipe peanut butter chocolate cheerios


  1. Put the Cheerios into the snaplock bag, squeeze out the air and seal it up. Fold the tea-towel in half and place the bag of Cheerios inside. Using the mallet, bash the bag until the Cheerios are broken up.

  2. Tip the smashed up Cheerios into a bowl, and add the peanut butter, honey, apricots and sunflower seeds. Use fingers to scrape the sticky ingredients into the bowl – it’s all extra sensory engagement! Mix it all together with a big spoon.

  3. Take small (approx 1 tspn) amounts at a time, and roll them into balls using the palms of your hands. If your child is too young to be able to roll, they can just squish them into little lumps.

  4. Pour the sprinkles into a small dish, and plop the balls/lumps into the sprinkles and cover.

  5. Eat them straight away or put them onto a plate to be eaten later! They keep well at room temperature for a few days.

picky fussy eater iron rich food recipe peanut butter chocolate cheerios

You can also easily make this as a half batch if you aren’t sure if your child will like them.

Have you seen some of my other recipes that are easy for kids to help out in the kitchen with? Scrappy Apple Muffins, Chocolate Pantry Cake, Home-made Muesli Bars, and my famous 3-Ingredient Fish Fingers!

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