Monday Bites - Peckish Brown Rice Crackers

Ok, I have something this week to make up for the last Monday Bites review of those awful “sweet potato crisps” that were anything but edible. This week, I have steered clear of the baby aisle and have found something else for you to try. I stumbled across the Peckish Brown Rice Crackers a few weeks back, and just had to review them!

baby led weaning blw finger food rice crackers peckish speech therapy review monday bites

Recommended age: no age given

Age you could probably give these: 10+mo for a baby with a few teeth, otherwise for late teethers wait til 12+mo

Shape: round

Size: standard cracker size

Texture: Crunch & dissolve

Rice crackers are one of the trickiest textures for small children to eat from an oral motor development perspective. They require a hard bite, and sustained hard chewing, and they shatter in the mouth so they need lots of good tongue control and movement. And they get stuck in your teeth!

Despite all of this, rice crackers are much loved as an easy snack. The Peckish range of rice crackers are a really different texture from the traditional rice crackers. They are processed differently so they end up being a much softer bite, and don’t shatter as much. But they are still a little tricky.

BUT then I found these brown rice crackers! I have no idea why, but they melt in the mouth much more readily than white rice crackers (can anyone tell me why? I’d love to know!). So there is an initial soft crunch, and they need a little bit of chewing, but saliva helps break it down to be soft quite quickly, and this means they are PERFECT for little mouths learning to bite and chew!

Think of them as a step up in trickiness from a soft cracker like the Ritz or Cruskit.

AND these are not salted like most rice crackers so they are a much healthier option for your baby! And they are tasty. Win, win, win.

(and remember, always supervise your baby when they are eating, no matter how easy you think the food might be to eat)

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