Get or Forget? Nuby Flip-It Straw Cup

Welcome to the first instalment of my new blog series – ‘Get or Forget?’ – where I will be reviewing various baby feeding products to help you decide whether you should get it, or forget it.

There are SO MANY different feeding products out there, and they seem to be constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve found a winner, it gets discontinued and then replaced with some new “must have” product that claims to be even better than the last. What annoys me is that often the packaging makes all these claims about what the product can do (no spill, leak proof, good for development, active drinking, no mess, built in valve, etc etc) but are any of these things actually any good for your baby or child?

So I am going to review products on the market to help you decide whether you should spend your precious dosh or not. As a Speech Pathologist who specialises in paediatric feeding problems, I am hard to please with many cups, bottles, cutlery and so on. I have high expectations and high standards when it comes to helping develop our babies and toddlers oral motor skills, so I won’t be easy to please!

First product in the firing line: the Nuby Flip-It Straw Cup (320mL)

baby feeding product review straw cup speech therapy

Product Type: Straw Cup, with flip-top lid

Product Claims: Touch Flow Valve. No Leaks! No Mess! Active sipping on the go. BPA free.

Cost: Less than $5

Where I Bought This: the Reject Shop

Age/Stage: ‘Stage 3’ according to Nuby

Hacks Recommended? Yes (read on)

Straw cups are gaining popularity these days for older babies and toddlers. As the word spreads about sippy cups being potentially dodgy for your child’s oral motor development, there has been a noticeable move away from sippy cups in the market towards straw cups (and those 360 cups).

Straw cups that have a flip top lid are really handy when you have to head out and about. And I am always on the lookout for a free-flowing straw cup with a flip-top lid. Surprisingly, they are really hard to find. Free-flowing is the way to go, in my opinion, because it allows the child to control the flow, they can drink more in one sitting, and it doesn’t encourage the maladaptive bite-and-suck motion that many valved straws require. So when I stumbled across this one at The Reject Shop for around $3 I thought I’d give it a go.

Now, when I bought it, I didn’t read the label closely. It appeared to be a free-flowing straw cup BUT THEN, in small writing on the packaging, it proudly stated that it has a ‘Touch-Flow Valve’. What even is that?! Turns out, it has a valve under the lid to stop the drink from freely flowing through the straw. Boooooo. I guess that’s why it’s leak proof. But it’s okay, it is an easy hack to do to make it free-flowing.

All you need to do is take the lid off, find the little rubbery bobble that is sitting off to the side (over a round air vent) and pull it away gently (see the video over on Instagram). It should pop off the air vent and then rest on top. Voila! The cup is now free flowing. It is not 100% leak proof anymore once you do this, but it’s not bad.

Verdict: Great price, easy hack, shame about the valve, 8/10

Have you got a product you would like reviewed? Please get in touch or leave a comment to let me know!

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