Christmas Gift Guide 2017

christmas gift ideas baby toddler mum picky fussy eater child recipes

Looking for some ideas for Christmas presents? Here are my top recommendations for the new mum (or mum-to-be), your budding Junior Masterchef, and even your fussy eater!

FOR THE NEW MUM (or Mum-to-be)

christmas gift ideas baby toddler mum picky fussy eater child recipes

Grabease baby cutlery $19.95

Specially created for little infant hands and designed by an Occupational Therapist. These cute little spoons and forks are PERFECT for Baby Led Weaning and babies who are keen to feed themselves.

One Handed Cooks recipe book $29.95

Have you heard of the One Handed Cook? Did you know there is now an amazing recipe book? It’s a really beautiful book, and filled with practical ideas and recipes that take you from first starting solids, through the picky years, and up to family-shareable meals that everyone can enjoy no matter what their age. A must have!

Baby Foodies parent talk gift voucher

Starting from $120 This is a great gift for mums who are going to be embarking on the journey of starting solids, and a neat Baby Shower gift too! A chance to have any and all questions answered when it comes to starting solids – the when, the how, the what, the how much, and more.


christmas gift ideas baby toddler mum picky fussy eater child recipes

Kiddikutter kid-safe knife $12.95

This knife is an essential to have in the kitchen when you have kids. Safe even for toddlers t use, this knife doesn’t cut fingers and uses a safe ‘sawing’ action to cut through anything from raw carrot to soft tomatoes!

Kids Apron $4.99

This apron from Ikea is TOO CUTE and comes with a chef hat too! And a great stocking stuffer at this price. There’s a smock style as well, and even a Christmassy looking one for $7.99.

Healthy Kids Step-By-Step Cookbook $19.95

There are loads of cookbooks for kids out there on the market. I’ve always loved DK books because of the brilliant photos that they use, and step-by-step photo or picture cookbooks are great because it means that even non-readers can get in on the cooking action.


christmas gift ideas baby toddler mum picky fussy eater child recipes

Milton the Mealtime Companion $49.95

Milton the monster has been created especially to help picky or fussy eaters to try new foods. He comes with a book of ideas and strategies, and he works especially well for kids who are anxious or get distressed with having new foods on their plate. He helps build confidence, reduce tantrums, and gets kids tasting and trying more foods! Plus he’s super cute and dishwasher safe.

High Powered Smoothie maker $49.00

You don’t have to buy a Nutribullet to make decent smoothies or juices – I use a Kmart brand one in my therapy sessions and it’s fab! Generally, smoothies and juices are not recommended for kids because they don’t offer the same nutritional value as eating the real thing. BUT – for the really fussy eaters, smoothies and juices are a really great gateway for them to be introduced to fruits and vegetables. The important thing is to get your picky eater to help prepare the ingredients so that they can see what is going in! And if drinks aren't their thing, freeze the liquid to make awesome popsicles and icy poles.

What if Vegetables Were People? Book $25.00

Ahhh picky eaters. They hate vegetables. Actually, lots of kids seem to struggle with making friends with vegetables. This gorgeous book helps kids think of vegetables in a whole new, humorous and appealing way. A great one for the classroom too!

I hope some of these ideas have given you some inspiration! Merry Christmas and happy holiday season to you and your little ones.

Not a sponsored post – I just really like all of these products!

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