Cheesy Broccoli Christmas Shapes

This is a really fun way for kids to learn lots about broccoli! Broccoli can have quite a strong smell and taste, and a squishy texture when cooked traditionally (usually steamed or boiled). This recipe is a lovely mild way of eating broccoli, helped by the cheese and the carbohydrate content. The texture is easy to eat, and not wet and squishy like regular broccoli. AND the shapes make them really fun because once they are on your plate you can decorate them with things like tomato sauce (ketchup), mayonnaise, sesame seeds, more cheese – anything that appeals to your picky eater.

Cheesy Broccoli Christmas Shapes

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You will need: Medium sized Christmas cookie cutters, Food Processor, chopping board, kid-safe knife, baking paper and tray

Makes: 1 – 2 trays of shapes, depending on how large you make them

Prep time: 10 min (including time to make the shapes with the kids)

Cook time: 10 – 15 min


½ head of broccoli

1 large egg

½ cup breadcrumbs (for a gluten free version, use 1 cup cooked brown rice)

¾ cup grated cheddar cheese

Pinch of garlic salt

Pinch of salt

Extra cheese, for sprinkling before baking


  1. Everyone wash your hands! Preheat the oven to 190 degree C (350 F) and line your trays with baking paper.

  2. Help your child break the broccoli into florets, and then chop them into halves.

  3. Help your child crack the egg into a small bowl. Scoop out bits of shell using a bigger piece of shell.

  4. Add the broccoli, egg, breadcrumbs / rice, cheese and salts to the food processor and blitz until the broccoli is finely chopped. The mixture should be wet but not runny – if it’s too runny, add more breadcrumbs or rice and blitz again.

  5. Put a range of cookie cutters onto the baking tray. Place a few spoonfuls of broccoli mixture into each one and use your fingertips to spread the mixture out to fill each shape. They don’t need to be too thick.

  6. Carefully remove the cookie cutters from the tray and admire your handiwork! Sprinkle extra grated cheese on top.

  7. Pop them in the oven and bake for 10 – 15min (depending on the thickness) until lightly golden.

  8. Allow to cool slightly before serving.

These freeze well, and also make great nuggets - just shape into balls and bake, or squish small amounts into a well greased muffin tin.

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