Healthy Christmas Recipe Roundup - Sweet

Looking for some fruit and veggie based Christmas recipes for your kids? Here are some of my favourites that I’ve come across – lots of super cute but very simple recipes that you can easily get the kids involved in making! And lots here that don't need any baking or fancy ingredients!! For all the savoury ideas, check out my Roundup here.


Healthy Fruit Santa Pancakes from The Pancake Party

Kiwi Fruit Christmas Tree by Mama Papa Bubba

Banana Snowmen from One Handed Cooks

Allergy Friendly Rice Krispie Reindeer by Allergy Awesomeness

Fruity Elf Pancakes by Mama Makes Pancakes

Granola No-Bake Snowballs from Super Healthy Kids

Banana Chilling in the Pool by Little Nummies

Watermelon Christmas Trees by Good Food Week

Pancake Candy Canes by The Pancake Party

Veggie-Packed Brownies by Taste Buds Feeding Therapy

All images from the direct source via Instagram or Webpage

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